So I was on this soul searching journey to learn how to love myself and to live in the present instead of focusing all my energy in the future and its superficial expectations.  I’m still on this journey! And it all starts with taking the time to counting your blessings. 


Love Stories (Great Good Fine Ok Remix) - Little Daylight

Please tell me.

Title: 2 On/Thotful (Remix) Artist: Drake (ft. Tinashe) 36,961 plays


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I felt in my heart two contradictory feelings: the horror of life and the ecstasy of life.

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I only ate the egg and part of the chicken…(who wanted two bowls of ramen)


Thank goodness for the boyfriend with his vacuum stomach !

Smorgasburg eats: teriyaki balls, classic grilled cheese, pork bun (and the limemade, lemonade, and doughnut)

Smorgasburg in Brookyln !

Sushi kingdom (PA)

Street Art (NYC)

An awkward pic to end a ‘thrifty’ NYC weekend #hipmovement2014 (at Williamsburg, Brooklyn)