Mean muggin on UDHC

All I can do is pray. Sometimes I randomly tear here and there. But on beautiful days like today, I think about all of you and wish you all joyous & peaceful times. Please take care of each other and share lots of laughs ! Especially with the big man on campus: J-Dog. I’ll ask him how you guys are doing and I better hear some funny stories !

Happy birthday Princess !

Title: XO (Beyoncé Cover) Artist: John Mayer 22,097 plays


John Mayer - XO (Beyoncé Cover)

Finally. Able to explore Connecticut on a nice day

Wedding reception


Rehersal dinner !

Lol my thought process

Does long distance suck? Ehhh yes
Is talking to them in person better than talking over FaceTime? Yes
If you have an unlimited amount of money and can warp time would you see them every week? Yes
Would you move to where your significant other lives? Okay it doesn’t suck that bad
Can you talk to them whenever you want? Yes
Then it doesn’t suck that bad does it? Yeah! You’re right

After that cold rainy run, I will bum & be fall festive to my hearts content. 🍂🍁🍂 #nofiltz #thatIphone6quality

Chillin on Sunday after the race