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What Should We Pray For?

I believe our prayers should be first and foremost prayers of thanksgiving and asking him to get closer with him. I believe that our prayers should be non-secular prayers of concerns. I believe that we cannot use God and “his plan” as an excuse to not blame ourselves. 

For example, “if this is God’s path for me so let his will be done.” Yes trust in his path, but also don’t make it an excuse for yourself to stop trying or not try harder. Yes, there are actual hardships that you cannot control, but don’t confuse that as an excuse to be stagnant. Don’t ride along the comfort of God’s plan. This is something I struggle with but then I have to shake it off. 

Anonymous asked: any relationship advice for a noobie?

HAHA. If you’re a dude, wherever she wants to eat, you must go along with it. Most times she says she doesn’t really know where but she doesn’t wanna be a diva and say no to your suggestion, so give her options cause she probably can’t make her mind even though she’s already leaning towards something. But in a rare case where she knows exactly where to eat, you must go and deny yourself of where you want to eat. This rarely happens. You’ll be an awesome boyfriend.

If you’re a girl, make him food, buy him food, and like his guy friends. The end. 

Anonymous asked: hey how hard is it to get a job ? i am a senior and cannot stop thinking about it

All right real talk. It’s not hard to get a job. But to get a good job worthy of your college degree, a job that satisfies you, it takes effort. 90% effort, 10% luck. And in today’s’s even tougher. Especially if you want a job with a competitive definitely need effort for that.  But if you have awesome connections use them! They make your job hunting easier. For every 100 job applications you apply for, 10 people will call you back. Getting a job is like attending an extra night class..The world will not hand things to you in a platter anymore. HONEY, you need to get up cause those days are gone. Someone told me, “it’s either your discipline yourself now or let life discipline you later.” 

That’s good you can’t stop thinking about it though! Don’t worry, it’ll all work in the end if you try. But I don’t wanna hear excuses. 

Anonymous asked: Hello. Is it better to have a good GPA or work experience?

Hit that GPA cut off whatever it is. (3.0-3.2-3.5) And then push towards that work experience. Cause I’d look at a 3.2 resume and a 3.9 resume with the same grain of salt. If you have a 3.9 GPA but no work experience—that’s cool and all but if the other dude with a 3.2 had 3 awesome internships, well then, we got ish to talk about. 

BUT- if you can do both, then do it. 


So if anyone is a Senior or Junior (underclassmen also) and has questions about trying to get an internship, how to get a job, what jobs are out there, what do I do with a resume, cover letters, what’s important, hat are employers looking far, where to start, LIFE QUESTIONS, HELP,.etc..etc…etc..

Put it in my ask box on my homepage! 

I’ve been given this possible opportunity to be part of the recruiting team for new hires. I need that practice! and you guys may need help/advice! Win-win. 

My personal pitch: I graduated from UDEL as a Finance major. I currently work in a top bank dealing with what my major is known for—Finance. So forecasting, modeling, analytics, you name it.

 So anything that deals with that domain (Accounting/ Technology- basically anything BUT the science field I could give it a great shot)

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Geronimo by Sheppard

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TENDON how I miss thee

I just wanna say….

I don’t usually care what people think of me. But when they think I’m dumb or truly a mean person …I care. I get pissed cause I care.